Contact Us

Phone: 778-841-0685
Fax: 250-755-2014

Eligibility requirements to become a client at Nexus Primary Care Clinic:

  • Local resident of greater Nanaimo
  • Have no primary care provider
  • Families will be attached together

Our process/protocol for attaching clients to Nexus Primary Care Clinic:

  • First come first served—we will attach patients in order of their Request for Contact is received except for in situations where it is identified that more urgent care is required and this is unavailable through other community resources (ex. Urgent care, walk in clinics).
  • Each practitioner will strive to maintain a balanced practice with a mix of more and less medically complex clients as determined by the Request for Contact questions or by referrals.

New Patient Information:

  • Due to the high volume of intake applications we have received, we are not accepting new self-referrals at this time.
  • If you have submitted a patient intake form and received the e-mail confirmation you will be contacted as soon as we can book an initial appointment.

Specialists and Community Partners can still refer patients with a greater need. Referral letters can be sent to us by fax or by e-mail at the contact information above.