Contact Us

Address: 5795 176 St.
Surrey BC  V3S 4E1
Phone: 604-330-8989

Eligibility requirements to become a client at Axis Primary Care Clinic:

  • Local resident of Surrey
  • Have no primary care provider
  • Families will be attached together

Our process/protocol for attaching clients to Axis Primary Care Clinic:

  • Applications processed through triaging process- we will attach patients with similar health concerns in the order that their Request for Contact form is received. However, we will be actively engaged in a formal triaging process to ensure those patients with more urgent care needs will be assessed sooner.

Wait times:
We currently have no estimates for wait times. Intakes will begin mid-August, but patients will not be formally attached to the clinic or a clinician until it is officially opened in early September. This intake process aims to attach patients without delay upon clinic opening. After opening, each provider will be attaching new clients at a safe and considered rate. You will be formally contacted when a provider can take you on as a new client.

Please Note: This is a request for contact only. You are not considered a client of Axis Primary Care Clinic until you have met your provider for your initial appointment.